Solana Beach Social Media Services

A lesson learned, the Solana Beach Experience

For seven years, Shawn McClondon has owned and operated My Social Media Monster, a small start-up that he runs out of his home office in Solana Beach. And for the last few years, He has been walking into local businesses to sell the digital media services that My Social Media Monster provides. What has always been […]

Social Media Challenges for Businesses

The #1 reason your social media doesn’t work

For the last nine years I have been able to see social media management from every level, from large corporations, to small mom and pops shops and everything in between. I can sum up that experience now with one word, Hallelujah! Finally, after years and years of trying to get the print advertising and newspaper […]

Social Media Audit for Your Business

5 Steps To Conduct An Easy Social Media Audit – Part 1

STEP 1: Determine how many fans your business should have? What is good and what is bad? These are two of the first questions that every business will ask about their social media presence. My answer, it doesn’t matter! What you should be determining is what percentage of those fans from social media actually becomes a lead. […]